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Workshop “Expertise?”, 15 November 2012, University of Sussex, Brighton

We are organising Expertise? A Scoping Workshop, a day-long workshop and symposium exploring Expertise and Digital Transformations, on the 15 November, 9am-6.30pm, at the University of Sussex in Brighton.

The event contributes to the scoping study by setting out to extend and explore three key issues:

  1. Academic/disciplinary understandings of expertise – as socially constructed, as acquired through training and embedded as habitus, as marking an elevated level of skill or craft knowledge, as a cognitive capacity, as code-knowledge.
  2. How specific community and cultural groups understand digital transformations and expertise (through interviews and focus groups – e.g. with advocacy organizations, voluntary groups, arts/heritage groups, health groups and education organizations).
  3. Policy and government attitudes to digital transformation (required responses to it) across a range of relevant fields in order to find consensus and break points.

A scoping workshop exploring expertise in the context of digital transformation, cultures and communities.

To read more about this workshop and its aims, and to find out more about the venue and how to get to the University of Sussex, please visit the Workshop page.



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