This Scoping Study looks at issues of Expertise in relation to Digital Transformations as they intersect with cultures and communities. The study forms part of a three year long project funded by the EPSRC.

What kinds of expertise are needed to enable more active and creative engagements with digital technologies of all kinds? What barriers to expertise are being developed? How can it be built? How can individuals and groups embedded within communities (as institutions, as imagined communities, as locations, as affiliations) producing and responding to cultural productions of all kinds, and contributing to making ‘culture’ (e.g. workplace culture, professional cultures, service cultures, creative culture and cultural production), get the skills, knowledge, confidence, access, cultural capital, capital, needed to enable them to exploit rather than be exploited by digital transformations. This inquiry into Expertise is a scoping study for the CNN+ project, funded by the EPSRC.

We welcome your contributions.

We’re asking this question as our contribution to of a series of Scoping Studies undertaken by the CCN+ network. For other studies are being undertaken see EPSRC/CNN+ website.

For more information about the contributors and participants to this study, see the Scoping Study Contributors page.


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